About Us

Hello world! We are the Hills and this is our story.

On the surface we couldn’t be more average, just another middle-class family of four hailing from the midwest. But if you hang around a while, you’ll soon learn we have a little more to share.

We are firm believers that everyone has their own unique story to tell. We also believe that by sharing your story you can change lives, and that’s just what we hope to do here.

Now trust us, we are by no means perfect. There are already plenty of “perfect” people on social media for you to follow. Here we will be sharing the real and candid moments from our lives with the world.

Facing the brink of financial ruin. Overcoming medical hardships. Grieving the loss of a loved one. These are just a few of the things we’ve had to tackle in the last few years and we know we aren’t alone.

And for every devastating story, there has been one of positivity. Finding our faith. Starting a non-profit organization. Serving less fortunate communities. Every life, every story has highs and lows. Valleys and hills. We’re living proof.

This passion to help others by sharing our story is relatively new to us, but it is something we feel called to do. We hope that you will choose to follow along as we start this new chapter of our story.

We are The Hillosophy and this is our view from here.

– Drew + Whitney Hill-